How Can I Make TechCrunch Twitterers Happy?

How Can I Make TechCrunch Twitterers Happy?

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A few weeks ago, I was curious to know who TechCrunch was, and what kind of person frequented the site. Well, I must say, they are a new entrant in the blogosphere, but not one of the “tweets” type sites. Their style is more along the lines of personal blogging – with updates, tips, and generally helpful nuggets of information to help you make your life a little easier.


TechCrunch is run by Peter Kafka, and it was only after his experience as an Internet entrepreneur that he decided to write a blog on the subject. He discovered that many people were using Twitter for business purposes and that there were some huge gaps in how the social network was being used. Thus, he wanted to create a place where those businesses could get their message out there. The result is a wonderful service that provides a great deal of information for small business owners, who are trying to use Twitter to their advantage.


You can get a full list of the people who read TechCrunch. To me, that’s just about the best part. You have so many people to target! If your business isn’t listed, you can find it here. In addition, you’ll find helpful resources, tips, free products, and even a blog of the same name for you to help you with your Twitter marketing efforts.


Even if you’re a business owner, it may be useful to read what others are saying. Sometimes you come across information that makes you go “ooh and aah.” This happened to me. I read about how Twitter could be used to market to women customers, and I want to help more women have the chance to advance in business. It’s just a thought, but maybe it can help someone else too?


There’s also a section for entrepreneurs to talk about their business. These folks tend to be very outspoken and opinionated. It’s interesting to see how they think. It’s good to listen to them since there is plenty to learn from them.


As I mentioned earlier, I am not a professional author. I’m not writing this article to help sell anything. I’m merely sharing my own opinion, which may help you with your own Twitter marketing efforts. Just keep in mind, as with anything else on the internet, you should always do your own research before investing time or money into anything.

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