How To Activate H BL Debit Card

How To Activate H BL Debit Card

how to activate hbl debit card

If you need some guidance about how to activate an HBL debit card, this article is the right place for you. H BL is one of the best credit card services that can be used in conjunction with any debit card. It works just like a normal credit card. One can make purchases with it and make withdrawals from it too. It is considered as a virtual credit card.


With the advent of the global economic crisis, the banking industry has introduced various methods of accepting debit cards and this is where H BL comes into the picture. Many leading banks including HSBC, ING, Creditwest and many more have come up with debit card services. With these banks, one gets the facility to make purchases online as well as withdraw cash from their respective ATMs. There are many ways on how to activate H BL debit card and the most convenient method would be through the internet.


The H BL card can be activated either by going to the website of H BL or by calling up their customer service. Either way, you go, you will definitely find a toll-free number. You can dial that number and follow the instructions given. Usually, the customer service representative would ask you your name, date of birth as well as PIN.


When you have reached your preferred bank, you will be asked to key in your details as well as those of the person or company to whom you want to add your H BL debit card. This process may take a little while and once it is over you can then go ahead to check your account to see how much money has been withdrawn. H BL debit card usually has a limited access period. Once that time limit is up, H BL debit card will not be able to be used anymore. That means you have to remember not to spend or withdraw any money before the validity of your H BL account is over. There are a few exceptions to this rule, namely if you have been employed by a certain company for a long time with your debit card already active, you are allowed to make purchases with your H BL card.


How to activate H BL via phone – If you want to have more control over how you use your H BL debit card, you can try this method. Call up your H BL company’s customer service and they should be able to assist you. Usually, the procedure is pretty easy and takes about 15 minutes. When the representative gives you your H BL card, you will then be able to use it online. For more convenience, you can also add up to four credit cards to your account using the same phone number. This is the easiest way to activate H BL as you do not have to manually type in any information.


How to activate H BL online – If you cannot get an answer from your telephone receptionist, you can try asking them to call you back. You may even be able to find a live operator at the company’s customer service center. This method is often preferred by people who find it more convenient since they are not pressured by phone receptionists during this process. They are also saved from having to carry around a lot of different debit card machines along with various bills and other accessories.

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