How To Add IDM Extension In Chrome

How To Add IDM Extension In Chrome

how to add idm extension in chrome

How to add an IDM extension in Chrome is one of the most popular questions among users. If you are also facing a similar problem then the article given below is useful for you. To install the extension, you need to visit a reliable website and follow the instructions. So, let’s get started.


Open Internet Explorer and locate the chrome web store. Then search for the file named as IDMGCExt folder. Inside the folder, you will see two files named as C:/Google/Chrome. Double click on the first file and it will open the IDM gallery click on the next button to install the extension. The next step is to save the new extension to your desired location.


For installing the new extensions, you can use the Google chrome extensions download manager tool. This is available free on the official google site. Once you are through with the installation process, open the downloaded file and it will display all the features of the extension.


Some of the features that you would like to see in your extension are listed in green. These features are the latest version and the download speed. If you want the features of the feature grayed out, then you can always change the settings of your chrome extensions later. The download speed determines how fast your chrome page is load.


Sometimes, there are multiple versions of a particular feature of an extension. Installing the same extension could result in conflicts. To fix this extension problem, the first thing you need to do is go to the settings of your google chrome extension. From the add/edit page, click on the Properties tab.


Under the General tab, you should select the version number of the latest version of your feature. Click OK. Once done, you have now solved your how to add IDM extension in chrome question. If you still face any trouble or questions, you can always seek help from the excellent internet download manager. You can also seek the help of professional websites or chrome experts for assistance on how to add the latest version of any extension.


The last step is the actual installation of the extension. You will need to visit the chrome website and follow the easy instructions that are provided on the site. Just be sure that you understand every word and move a step in the instructions completely before proceeding. There are times when your computer will not recognize some of the features of the extension you want to install. For instance, sometimes the add-on may not work due to a missing file or some wrong function.


The only way to get rid of such errors is by reinstalling the extension. This can be done by clicking on the “Install/Uninstall” button and then followed by following the easy instructions. You should be careful in performing this task as reinstalling the feature may cause severe errors in your system.


If you face difficulty while trying to install or remove some features, you can always use the Google Chrome troubleshooting tool. This Chrome tool will help you identify and solve all the problems associated with Chrome easily. The tool will also help you know which features of the extension cause the Chrome browser to malfunction. You will just need to download the Chrome troubleshooting tool from the Google website and it will install itself on your PC automatically. You will just need to click the button “start” and it will give you the detailed instructions on how to add the IDM feature in Chrome.

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