A Look At Tech Crunch Disrupt - Is There Still Hope For The Rest Of Us?

A Look At Tech Crunch Disrupt – Is There Still Hope For The Rest Of Us?

The new name of TechCrunch Disrupt is a little bit misleading. While the site is in some ways somewhat misleading, its goal to help readers become more aware of the disruptive technology industry is spot on. The site does, however, occasionally miss the mark, so it’s important to check out the following tips for helping you find and read what you’re looking for. Let’s get started.

techcrunch disrupt


First of all, TechCrunch offers a free daily dose of information on the latest developments in the tech and software industries. There are two distinct areas of coverage. There’s the news, which includes breaking stories about everything from Apple’s new product line to the latest innovations in 3D technology. You’ll also find a number of editorials and opinions, as well as a number of industry-specific podcasts that are particularly informative.


But what exactly is ‘disruptive technology’? Well, as the name suggests, the goal of TechCrunch is to bring the reader up to speed on the newest trends and technologies in the business world. In other words, it’s an opinion site, but one with which most people are certainly comfortable. The writers don’t have a blind eye to promoting certain items, products, and manufacturers.


You’re looking for more than opinions, however. Take a look at the editorials and podcasts listed under the “opinion” section. You’ll find a wide variety of opinions expressed in the comment section below each story. Many of them will be negative, but there are also many that are quite favorable of particular companies, topics, or even manufacturers. This shows that those behind the writing have an interest in the product, topic, or manufacturer in question, and are eager to let others know about it.


In addition to regular columns that offer editorials, you’ll find additional features including videos. Some videos will give you a first-hand look at a particular tech item or announcement. Others will offer a quick overview of a larger trend. Still, others are more thought-provoking pieces that examine both sides of an issue, offering possible solutions or criticism while doing so. While some articles are simply reviews, others offer a how-to guide to help readers make a decision about a certain item, technology, or company.


Beyond regular news and opinion columns, you can also find videos that offer a bit more depth to your perspective on a specific matter. Some video hosts have made themselves famous by offering their own personal takes on hot topics. It’s easy to see why they might want to include some more material on Tech Crunch. You’re looking for a bit of humor in the mix, something that offers an unvarnished take on a common occurrence, idea, or product. If you can find that, you’re well on your way to being the next Tech Crunch.

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