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The tech Crunch podcast is currently at the top of iTunes in its “podcasts” category. I went in there expecting it to be just another tech-focused podcast. What I found was a podcast that focused on the industry as a whole, but one with an edge. This podcast tackles important and exciting topics of the day from the perspectives of experts.


Hosted by Editor in Chief Michael Cafarella, the tech round table podcast covers many different areas of the technology world. Each episode has a different segment dedicated to a specific topic. The topics range anywhere from social media to health, from technology trends to business, and anything else you could possibly think of. The podcast also has interviews with well-known industry players and commentators. Each installment of the podcast will give you an insightful look at a new trend or technological advancement.


The podcast offers original reporting from the authors of the articles. For example, one episode features Jonny Ivestero, founder and CTO of, talking about his experiences starting a business through the internet. He shares how he started his business, what processes and strategies he used, and why he’s so confident in the future of the internet. Another contributor is Jason Fried, author of Marketing Matters and creator of JVZoo. He discusses his book, How to Create a Fortune from Home. He shares tips for home-based businesses, how he got started, what he’s currently doing, and how he’s seen other successful home businesses created successful streams of income for him.


If you enjoy the informative nature of tech articles but would like some more personal stories about your own business, the tech Crunch podcast is perfect for you. Each installment features an interview with a prominent entrepreneur, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the business that you are following. Listen in as the host provides useful tips and advice on how to be successful. If you have a favorite business owner, there are episodes that feature them, too.


The podcast makes a great companion to the book, How to Create a Fortune from Home. By providing a new view of how the business world works today, the podcast can help you succeed in new markets you may not have considered. Just by listening to the podcast, you’ll gain a new appreciation for how the business industry really works. If you’re already successful, you’ll find new ways to keep growing your business. It’s a fantastic way to expand your horizons and learn new skills.


There are several different podcast options available, depending on your preference. Some allow a one-time download, while others allow downloading throughout the month. If you subscribe through the RSS feed, it’s very easy to get new episodes each day. For those who prefer to listen live, a special podcast channel lets you listen to the show as it happens. You won’t miss out on any interviews, announcement announcements, or industry tips, either.

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