Tech Crunch Africa

Tech Crunch Africa

The website TechCrunch Africa has been launched by Tech Crunch, an award-winning online company that concentrates on cutting-edge technology and business news in Africa. It was founded by founding members Devon Bennett and Matthew Ledlie. They have significant African experience from their time at Sony, where they worked as Accountants. Through their venture, they hope to help African entrepreneurs unleash their entrepreneurial energy and help make the economy more prosperous.

techcrunch africa


Tech Crunch Africa now covers all aspects of business in sub-Saharan Africa, with focus on its geographic location. This includes economics, finance, health, technology, telecommunications, and networking. The site aims to provide its readers with useful insights, allowing them to make intelligent business decisions based on the trends affecting the African markets. The website also offers research and market reports, interactive forums, and a blog, as well as tips and tutorials to help readers implement strategic business techniques. Additionally, the website hosts an online business competition every month, where small businesses can show off their products and services to prospective buyers.


The site does require a sign-up fee, but it is minimal and worth every cent. Aside from helping business owners and readers alike, the site offers valuable information to everyone who is interested in technology. Users may subscribe to receive emails about market trends and events, industry news, and general information. They also receive articles and other posts by industry specialists and experts, and can comment on them through the forum.


To make the most out of the subscription service, the website suggests a smart way to use the subscription options. For example, those interested in using the service need to sign up for more than one item – one subscription for each item. This will help them to build up a diversified portfolio, thus making it easier to invest in them later on. Tech Crunch also offers tips on how to get the most out of the website, such as browsing through the archive and finding relevant resources.


There are several blogs available on the website, where the business of tech can be discussed. These blogs, too, are a great help to readers who are planning to venture into the online business arena. The content on these blogs is usually updated regularly, so they provide business owners with up-to-date information. The website also provides an online community forum where readers and business owners can post their comments and suggestions. There are chat rooms, as well, where techies can socialize and network with each other.


For those looking for jobs in Africa, the Tech Crunch Africa has solutions for that as well. Those interested can apply for job vacancies through the site and get a response within 24 hours. They can also browse through the list of job openings and apply for them. For international business enthusiasts, the website can also help them find local partners for outsourcing projects, such as programmers and designers.

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